That's a Wrap

Soundtrack My most recent personal pledge is to never, ever again use the phrase “sorry for the delay but”. It’s an utter waste of time and no one really cares most of the time - just a silly intro to the real meat of the content. With that in mind, I acknowledge I still haven’t really said anything about Astranis or the why, and that’s it. 1 It’s been a busy few weeks for me here.


IEEE-CICC, or Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, was held this last week in Austin. It was a first for me in a couple regards: First circuits conference that wasn’t ISSCC. CICC is definitely a “rank down” from ISSCC, which means it’s significantly more casual and laid-back. This made it definitely way more my style, as many of the people were kinder and more lenient when it came to networking or Q+A material.

EOH Badge 2016

Better custom badges handed out to elementary schoolers during EOH 2016.

Headphone Preamp (with style)

Bass boosting headphone preamp where the PCB is guitar shaped.

Battery to USB Charger

A little AA battery to USB charger using a boost converter as an intro to power electronics.

EOH Badge 2015

Custom badges handed out to elementary schoolers during EOH 2015.


wizardstaff is a set of connected pint glasses, an Android app, and companion Pebble app and web app for viewing the scoreboard.


nextWAVE is a smart microwave built for the hardware hackathon section of HackIllinois 2014.