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I saw a similar page created by a friend and thought it was a fantastic idea. Order is pseudo-reverse chronological. Categories loosely defined at best, incorrect at worst.


  • Pavan Hanumolu, thanks for paying for graduate school
  • Jon Makela, thanks for giving me real advice
  • Scott Carney, thanks for setting an example (good/bad still up for debate)


  • Tejasvi Anand, thanks for showing me how to simulate a PLL
  • Mrunmay Talegaonkar, thanks for telling me to do the math first
  • Charlie Zhu, thanks for making me get a PS4
  • Guanghua Shu, thanks for letting me get excited
  • Romesh Nandwana, thanks for letting me fight about the right way to do things
  • Ahmed Elkholy, Ahmed Elmallah, Mostafa Ahmed
    • unfair to lump you together, but thanks for teaching me about a whole new world
  • Karim Megawer, Amr Khashaba
    • thanks for showing me Tarneeb (and the above)
  • Timir Nandi, thanks for showing me how to be happy all the time


  • Kashev Dalmia
  • Eric Badger
  • Dennis Yuan
  • Eric Clark
  • Linjia Chang


I could say a page about any one of these guys, but that wouldn’t be doing the collective story any justice.

  • Ahmed Suhyl
  • Alex Kordas
  • Aswin Sivaraman
  • Brandon Seiser
  • Dario Aranguiz
  • Kenny Umenthum
  • Sam Buercklin
  • Sid Sethupathi
  • Tim Rogers
  • Vincent Herr