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Pick your favorite post rock song. Something calming, but melodic. Experient a bit. Don’t know what post-rock is? Throw it into Youtube and see what you get. Maybe a little electro focused. Sweet, syrupy synths covering you up and making you feel warm and safe. That’s how I feel right now, so that’s how I want you to feel reading this. This week is the 2018 version of ISSCC, the premier circuit design conference across the world.


Soundtrack TBD up here. Not feeling anything in particular at the moment. Actually, in the spirit of “the only way to write is to just write”, I’m going to pass on the soundtrack entirely. I’ve already spent/wasted quite a few of my precious minutes on installing a vim emulator. I definitely have phases with vim - it’s everywhere, so sometimes I just get really into it and start figuring the whole thing out again.


Starman by David Bowie. Not too original, had it blasting it all the promo material today, but man it’s perfect. I feel pretty goddamn lucky that I already know another one of the days I’ll remember forver. Today SpaceX flew the first test of their ludicrous-by-film-standard rocket, the Falcon Heavy. This rocket had been delayed since 2013 (not that they would ever really hit that date), and the excitement has been building with every delay.


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Grad School

I’m passionate about engineering education, especially with regards to keeping lab material relevant and interesting. I’ve helped develop the following courses at UIUC:

  • ECE343: Electronics Circuits Lab
  • ECE437: Sensors and Instrumentation
  • ENG198: MATLAB + Excel

I was also a teaching assistant at UIUC, where I taught:

  • ECE482: Digital Integrated Circuit Design (FA16)
  • ECE445: Senior Design Lab (SP15, FA15, SP16)
  • ECE311: Digital Signal Processing Lab (SP14)

I hope to continue making mixed signal design tools available through my website… as much as anyone can hope to.

For the fun stuff I did in grad school, here’s my thesis and here’s a pre-print of the IEEE paper I got to publish. Same topic, one just has more explanations.