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“I Break Guitars” by Beach Slang I can’t think with all this noise What’s up internet followers? In real life, I’d be polite and let you respond, but I have a good feeling that nothing will be forthcoming. Allow me to get right into the meat of it: Impostor Syndrome. The TL;DR1 is that you feel like you are a fraud who is just waiting to be discovered by someone.


“Goodnight Moon” by Save Ends. Major Lil’ Thunder vibes! Addicted to the booming vocals (like in a church) on the following part: goodnight moon, i miss you. i’ve been looking out our window like we used to. now i’m growing old without you, but i still feel your pull. Alternative title: PBR’s and Guitars! That’s basically been the two dominant things going on in my life so far. The person who I bought the room from left his guitar behind.


Soundtrack One month of the real world done! I’m pretty proud of myself, but my only reward is paying another month’s rent. Regardless of everything I wrote in the past, I am here to stay in San Francisco in the immediate future, at least. Now that a couple big things1 have happened at work, I can talk about what Astranis does, what I do, and all the other factors that changed my mind.


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I’m passionate about engineering education, especially with regards to keeping lab material relevant and interesting. I’ve helped/am helping develop the following courses at UIUC:

  • ECE343: Electronics Circuits Lab
  • ECE437: Sensors and Instrumentation
  • ENG198: MATLAB + Excel

I was also a teaching assistant at UIUC, where I taught:

  • ECE482: Digital Integrated Circuit Design (FA16)
  • ECE445: Senior Design Lab (SP15, FA15, SP16)
  • ECE311: Digital Signal Processing Lab (SP14)

I hope to continue making mixed signal design tools available through my website… as much as anyone can hope to.


  • Design of Fully Digital Inductors for Low Bandwidth Filter Applications

    Details PDF

  • A 0.7V Time-based Inductor for Fully Integrated Low Bandwidth Filter Applications

    Details PDF Slides