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Another Day

Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance

I started this experiment for two reasons:

  • to write more
  • to put myself out more

I didn’t know the seoncd reason at the time. I always had trouble telling people how I really felt. Once I found out people actually read this, I wanted to vomit. I thought it was just a joke thing that no one would ever find. I’ve said this hundred times and I’ll repeat myself till I die.

So why did I keep doing this? And why do I keep doing this [albeit less frequently - another topic for later]? I’ve realized it has one really, really cool benefit that I kind of took for granted: it mentally breaks the ice. Have you ever had a social moment where you wonder “ah shit, has this person looked me up on twitter/facebook/etc?”. It’s almost like, look, skip the small shit. You know way more about me than I would ever tell you in a 2 minute introduction because you just peered into who I really am. Having this blog out here lets me do that. I can skip the small shit and just right to the real shit, because I can just assume you already know some of it.

I don’t know if this is a good thing. I think it might be a bad thing in the long run. All things in moderation, especially honesty. This is my first time trying it in a long time. I have a post or two written about some really shitty experiences this past week, and I’m not going to air them here. I’m going to bottle them up a little longer and see what happens. It’s not that tightly sealed, it can still leak out. But I’m hoping it just fizzes away without exploding.

I haven’t been to a show in a few months. Thank god one is coming up this week…