And Here's Why

Soundtrack One month of the real world done! I’m pretty proud of myself, but my only reward is paying another month’s rent. Regardless of everything I wrote in the past, I am here to stay in San Francisco in the immediate future, at least. Now that a couple big things1 have happened at work, I can talk about what Astranis does, what I do, and all the other factors that changed my mind.

JK Everyone

Well, this is going to be awkward. My last post outlined 65% of the reasons why I was leaving SF and going for my PhD. Trying to write the last 35% turned out to be far more difficult than I thought, so as a lesson for anyone else reading this, make sure you can explain at least 95% of the “why” before telling all your friends and family. The TL;DR: Same company, different job, more excitement, change of mind.