[S, G, B, T]old Friends

Soup’s Whatever by Mixtapes. A perfect song for writing things about people. First of my soon-to-be-many forced writing sessions. The first topic I could think about was friendship and all the different kinds. I think the classical saying is something a la New friends are silver, but old friends are gold My mom would always say something like that at least. The next step is to go from old to all the other words that you can make besides gold.

And Here's Why

Soundtrack One month of the real world done! I’m pretty proud of myself, but my only reward is paying another month’s rent. Regardless of everything I wrote in the past, I am here to stay in San Francisco in the immediate future, at least. Now that a couple big things1 have happened at work, I can talk about what Astranis does, what I do, and all the other factors that changed my mind.

That's a Wrap

Soundtrack My most recent personal pledge is to never, ever again use the phrase “sorry for the delay but”. It’s an utter waste of time and no one really cares most of the time - just a silly intro to the real meat of the content. With that in mind, I acknowledge I still haven’t really said anything about Astranis or the why, and that’s it. 1 It’s been a busy few weeks for me here.

JK Everyone

Well, this is going to be awkward. My last post outlined 65% of the reasons why I was leaving SF and going for my PhD. Trying to write the last 35% turned out to be far more difficult than I thought, so as a lesson for anyone else reading this, make sure you can explain at least 95% of the “why” before telling all your friends and family. The TL;DR: Same company, different job, more excitement, change of mind.

Hard to Explain

Soundtrack! Welp, after two months out here in the Bay Area, I’m not convinced. I’ve decided to go back and start my PhD this fall, back with Prof Hanumolu at the University of Illinois. It took me way too long to decide, and maybe I did know the answer all along (seems like everyone else did). I think there’s a lot to be said for the air out in the Bay however - calling it toxic would be cruel, but it’s definitely intoxicating.


First off, not a camping person. Yosemite is a famous “one of those things” you need to do, and I got invites spontaneously, so here I am. Very apprehensive (definitely over packed clothing wise) but I had already committed, so let’s go for it. Hoping to get some minor self discovery done while I’m out here; I have big decisions to make and need some guidance, be it self medicated or else how.

What's next Brady?

// 2011 degree = 0; // 2015 degree++; // 2017 degree++; When you put it like that, it all seems pretty straightforward. Of course, that only reveals half the story - what’s next Brady? My adviser utters those words on a weekly basis. I’m always unsure if it’s the start or end of a conversation with him - sometimes it’s said hopefully, other times disappointedly. Regardless, it’s always the one thought lurking in my mind.

Post Quals

Today, I (almost certainly) passed my qual[ifying exam]s for my entrance to the Ph.D. program. It’s a pretty confusing and vague process, so I figured I might as well try to document it. Obviously my experience is only relevant at UIUC, but hopefully my feedback can be extended slightly. Overall, I’m still neutral on what it accomplishes. Sign up Start slow, start simple. You go to whatever online form you have and put your name in.