Interleaving Converters

Finally, back to tech material! One of my favorite things in power electronics is the idea of interleaving power converters. There’s a few rather complex derivations of it, but I think starting with an intuitive one is far easier. No worries, we’ll get to boring equations by the end of this. Anyways, let’s start with some background. Switching DC/DC converters (buck, boost, etc) are great because they allow us to go from one voltage level to another voltage level in a super efficient manner.

Comb Filter

Back to circuit posting! Right now I’m working through Jake Baker’s book1 and I’d like to do some more simulations myself to get a better handle on it. Let’s start with something simple, the comb filter. The motivation here is that we want to remove multiples of some frequency completely, like a notch filter for a certain frequency and it’s harmonics. It’s a simple circuit to build, all we do is take some input, delay it in time, then add it back to the original input and see what we get.