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Horizon: Zero Dawn

I’ve been reading quite a bit of sci-fi recently - all the recent Hugo and Nebula award winners. In particular, I’m in love with the The Three Body trilogy. It has some really cool new ideas that I haven’t read/seen anywhere else. Why am I starting off by talking about this? Because Horizon: Zero Dawn (HZD) has a plot that’s just as good as those. It starts off pretty slow, but the ending is well worth it. I think, somewhat oddly, the world was only OK, but the world-building was fantastic. The reveal of the where the name comes was teased along slightly too slowly, but again, it was totally worth it for the result.

Independent of how the world felt, it looked beautiful. This game was so gorgeous to play - it’s the first game where I really stopped and turned on photo mode several times. The gameplay was a little repetitive for me. For the record, I played on Hard and turned it into a Dark Souls style game. Roll, shoot arrow, roll, etc. Still enjoyable all the way through.

10/10 would recommend again and awkwardly review for a couple paragraphs again.