Atom Bombs, Quarks, and a whole lot of love. It’s kind of cold on the roof right now. I had a fun night of video games with my colleages - we went to the local barcade and owned the Killer Queen machine for a bit too long. We rotated a few people in so we weren’t totally owning the machine the entire time, but it was long enough that I felt like I should head out.

Really Though

Music is Worth Living For by Andrew W.K.. Man’s got a point Huge week for me! Crazy long hours at work culminating in a trip to Colorado. It was my first time in that state and man oh man did I try to make the most of it. In theory we were only there Thursday/Friday, and then we could come back Saturday, but I pushed my colleagues to stay through the weekend1.


California by Grimes. Link if I remember. I’ve finally gotten a chance to go on a long bike ride again. Long is relative for everyone of course, for me, it’s about an hour so. That has gotten from one of SF to the other, and now I find myself over at Ocean Beach. I like it here, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a bit too… aggressive? in the city for me.

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes Still my favorite goodbye song of all time. It’s really, really hard for me to try and list my favorite bands. If I had a gun to my head, I would say my top 5 are (in alphabetical order, don’t you dare try to assume any sort of ranking here): American Football blink-182 The Naked and Famous Streetlight Manifesto The Who This post is going to be about The Naked and Famous (TNAF, hereafter).

Interleaving Converters

Finally, back to tech material! One of my favorite things in power electronics is the idea of interleaving power converters. There’s a few rather complex derivations of it, but I think starting with an intuitive one is far easier. No worries, we’ll get to boring equations by the end of this. Anyways, let’s start with some background. Switching DC/DC converters (buck, boost, etc) are great because they allow us to go from one voltage level to another voltage level in a super efficient manner.

Swirling Around and Down

Punching in a Dream by The Naked And Famous. Love these guys oh so much. This last week has been pretty awesome. I know I’ve been complaining about the burn out feeling at work recently (a few weeks with long hours will do that to you), and I’ve definitely needed a release. Luckily, the timing was pretty perfect, as I had bought tickets to Noise Pop Festival around four months ago and it was starting this week.

In Plain Sight

Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen. Writing this out near the Marina in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful day out and I’ve juts been biking around town all day. Found a nice spot on a hill and the Boss knows what’s up. I’ve had a couple people tell me that they actually read this strange corner of the Internet, much to my shock and horror. Originally when I started doing this website thing, it was because I just wanted a nice online place to store all my notes.

ISSCC 2018 [Catharsis]

Pick your favorite post rock song. Something calming, but melodic. Experient a bit. Don’t know what post-rock is? Throw it into Youtube and see what you get. Maybe a little electro focused. Sweet, syrupy synths covering you up and making you feel warm and safe. That’s how I feel right now, so that’s how I want you to feel reading this. This week is the 2018 version of ISSCC, the premier circuit design conference across the world.

Free Ride

Soundtrack TBD up here. Not feeling anything in particular at the moment. Actually, in the spirit of “the only way to write is to just write”, I’m going to pass on the soundtrack entirely. I’ve already spent/wasted quite a few of my precious minutes on installing a vim emulator. I definitely have phases with vim - it’s everywhere, so sometimes I just get really into it and start figuring the whole thing out again.

Falcon Heavy When?

Starman by David Bowie. Not too original, had it blasting it all the promo material today, but man it’s perfect. I feel pretty goddamn lucky that I already know another one of the days I’ll remember forver. Today SpaceX flew the first test of their ludicrous-by-film-standard rocket, the Falcon Heavy. This rocket had been delayed since 2013 (not that they would ever really hit that date), and the excitement has been building with every delay.