ISSCC 2018 [Catharsis]

Pick your favorite post rock song. Something calming, but melodic. Experient a bit. Don’t know what post-rock is? Throw it into Youtube and see what you get. Maybe a little electro focused. Sweet, syrupy synths covering you up and making you feel warm and safe. That’s how I feel right now, so that’s how I want you to feel reading this. This week is the 2018 version of ISSCC, the premier circuit design conference across the world.

Free Ride

Soundtrack TBD up here. Not feeling anything in particular at the moment. Actually, in the spirit of “the only way to write is to just write”, I’m going to pass on the soundtrack entirely. I’ve already spent/wasted quite a few of my precious minutes on installing a vim emulator. I definitely have phases with vim - it’s everywhere, so sometimes I just get really into it and start figuring the whole thing out again.

Falcon Heavy When?

Starman by David Bowie. Not too original, had it blasting it all the promo material today, but man it’s perfect. I feel pretty goddamn lucky that I already know another one of the days I’ll remember forver. Today SpaceX flew the first test of their ludicrous-by-film-standard rocket, the Falcon Heavy. This rocket had been delayed since 2013 (not that they would ever really hit that date), and the excitement has been building with every delay.

Functional Reactions

Currently reading The Three Body Problem by FIXME. Not a song, but an amazing sci-fi book I highly recommend! Definitely a “makes you think” book, but perhaps focused on science/engineering a bit heavily. If you have the background though, can’t recommend enough! Forced post numero dos! Hopefully soon we’ll get to a point where I won’t have to keep typing that, as instead I’ll naturally just want to post. If you asked me a year ago, I would’ve said that point would never come.

Things I Like

When I grew up with the Internet, people would always have those links section on their website. It would just be a compilation of random other things on the internet that they had found and enjoyed. Generally, if I had found someone’s website interesting enough to get to that part of of it, I would also enjoy the content there. This web effect was awesome and it really helped me find some cool creators across the net.

New Year, New Habits

Bad Habits by FIDLAR. Yup, just for the name, but as always, great track. Is it a few weeks late? Yup. Does it matter? Nah. On the spectrum of of “NEW YEAR NEW ME” to “January 1st is an arbitrary date with no significance”, I probably lean a bit towards the former. Additionally, these aren’t really new habits for the most part, it’s more so things I’d like to log.

[S, G, B, T]old Friends

Soup’s Whatever by Mixtapes. A perfect song for writing things about people. First of my soon-to-be-many forced writing sessions. The first topic I could think about was friendship and all the different kinds. I think the classical saying is something a la New friends are silver, but old friends are gold My mom would always say something like that at least. The next step is to go from old to all the other words that you can make besides gold.

Startup Life

Avril 14th by Aphex Twin. Kind of a lazy pick here - it’s a short song that happily stumbles along. Just like how I feel right about now. Man, I just really love my job. This post is just going to be a total “yeah I just got lucky but I’m also going to humblebrag about it”, so feel free to duck out now. Same as always, this is mostly stream of consciousness with some (mild) attempt at organization.

Loud Sounds on Shaky Ground

“I Break Guitars” by Beach Slang I can’t think with all this noise What’s up internet followers? In real life, I’d be polite and let you respond, but I have a good feeling that nothing will be forthcoming. Allow me to get right into the meat of it: Impostor Syndrome. The TL;DR1 is that you feel like you are a fraud who is just waiting to be discovered by someone.

Fall Chills + October Thrills

“Goodnight Moon” by Save Ends. Major Lil’ Thunder vibes! Addicted to the booming vocals (like in a church) on the following part: goodnight moon, i miss you. i’ve been looking out our window like we used to. now i’m growing old without you, but i still feel your pull. Alternative title: PBR’s and Guitars! That’s basically been the two dominant things going on in my life so far. The person who I bought the room from left his guitar behind.