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Dear Reader

I write some [very] personal stuff on here. Why? Because I always wanted to be a musician and write songs about how I feel. I never ended up being that good at that, so a blog will have to suffice. I have no problem if you read this, but I would really like it if you don’t tell me you read my blog. Sharing secrets with strangers is fun. Sharing them with people? A nightmare… This applies to just the personal stuff of course. Go to town on the technical stuff.

If you’re interested in getting updates when I post, you can append /index.xml to any category (/personal, /technical, /project) to get an RSS feed.

I used to have comments, but I think I had somewhere around three comments in 2 years. If you have feedback, feel free to email me. If we’re better friends than that, feel free to {message protocol} me.

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