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Dear Reader

I write some [very] personal stuff on here. Why? A few reasons:

  • Writing is a great way to sit down and force yourself to finish a thought
  • I enjoy writing songs, and it’s a lot easier to compress prose into lyrics
  • Being able to access those thoughts from anywhere is important

The last one is the key part. I don’t want to have some weird encrypted notes app that I forget the password to every few months. I want to pull it up when I want it.

I would appreciate it if you treated my long form ramblings with a little care. It’s not like some big secret I’m asking people to keep (but it used to be), but it’s also not something that needs to be shared everywhere. This applies to just the personal stuff of course. Go to town on the technical stuff, if you’re so interested.

If you’re interested in getting updates when I post, you can append /index.xml to any category (/personal, /technical, /project) to get an RSS feed.

I used to have comments, but I think I had somewhere around three comments in 2 years. If you have thoughts, feel free to email me. If we’re better friends than that, feel free to {message protocol} me.

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