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take three

Ok, time for yet another blogging site. I gave up on Ghost because of this picture:

I login to my editor to add a portfolio page for the first time in awhile, and I see a little “Upgrade Ghost” button. Cool!

Ok it only works through the command line, that’s fine. Ok I need to upgrade all my dependencies too. Ok I upgraded too far, let me install this specific version. Ok but I need a more up to date version of a certain package according to Ghost?

This is insane. I just wanted a nice little editor to go through and make my cute Markdown circuits posts, but it seems like that’s not going to be possible. Going to softban anything involving NodeJS or NPM for my website for now. I also figured I should add a slightly better homepage, so I searched around for static site generators. I finally settled on Hugo because of the executable nature of it. When there’s an update, you download a new executable, nothing fancy, nothing to break.

Current plans are to add some of my favorite projects from year’s past to flesh out a portfolio section. Once I get those out, I’ll work on setting up Git hooks so I should in theory never need to touch SSH again. Haven’t touched the website in like six months, but if I get a bunch done before New Year’s then I won’t feel bad about my New Year’s resolutions from last year.