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Fall Chills + October Thrills

“Goodnight Moon” by Save Ends. Major Lil' Thunder vibes! Addicted to the booming vocals (like in a church) on the following part:

goodnight moon, i miss you.

i’ve been looking out our window like we used to.

now i’m growing old without you, but i still feel your pull.

Alternative title: PBR’s and Guitars! That’s basically been the two dominant things going on in my life so far. The person who I bought the room from left his guitar behind. It’s a “Mako Traditionals TB-1” and I know you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but there is a Bedazzled Prince logo on the body… alright. Successfully made it past the part where all you have is pain in your fingers. Calluses - check. Still just learning the simple chords and gaining comfort in moving around the neck, but we’re doing pretty well. It’s nowhere near making up for the drum-set sized hole in my heart, but it’s absolutely a start. Also PBR helps. Helps what? Most things!

Work is still going pretty good. No regrets yet! Getting a little busier but still just a really cool gig. Ah, this would be a great time to talk about interviewing. All jobs have interviews, and tech ones are pretty commonly difficult interviews. They’re normally very technical, and designed to screen out weak candidates. As a result, whenever I was offered an interview, I would try to sneak out whatever information I could about the process. Google the company, the team, the person, you name it. One thing I never did, however, was tell them that I was doing that! I’ve been conducting a lot of interviews lately (for a summer intern role), and and like half the candidates tell me they’ve read my blog and ask about things based on that…. wut.

Seeing in from their point of view, I can kind of get it. Grad school or job or whatever is a huge decision, and I wish I could to someone who was going through the same concerns I was during the spring and summer. That said, there’s probably some stuff on here that I should stop pretending isn’t public. I don’t really want to make a /private section or anything, but maybe I can hide some more personal posts from the front page? I think the kids call that a flog (shitty play on finsta1 ). On the other hand, that involves learning Go (my site’s based on Hugo, a Go static site generator). Sounds like work, and compared to the mild embarassment airing out my personal feelings to some strangers who I’ll never talk to, pssh.2

Interviewing has actually taken up a pretty large portion of my time recently at work. Definitely looking to grow the team quite a bit and as a result, everyone is interviewing hardcore. Personally, it’s still pretty awkward. I should clarify - interviewing people younger than me, no problem at all. On the other hand, we’re a startup, so we both need and have plenty of more experienced engineers. Those are slightly more awkward for me (you’ve been doing task for more years than I’ve been alive…) but luckily there’s no impostor syndrome stuff. I feel like that is locked in to when you are with a bunch of people the same age as you. This is the appropriate reaction - a la quizzing your professor about whether or not they should pass the test.

No more details from now, just giving you the update! Going to down another PBR and turn up the Beach Slang records.

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  2. Not saying we interview stupid people, quite the opposite. We interview many really biright people, but only have so many openings unfortunately. ↩︎