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Grad School

I’m passionate about engineering education, especially with regards to keeping lab material relevant and interesting. I’ve helped develop the following courses at UIUC:

  • ECE343: Electronics Circuits Lab
  • ECE437: Sensors and Instrumentation
  • ENG198: MATLAB + Excel

I was also a teaching assistant at UIUC, where I taught:

  • ECE482: Digital Integrated Circuit Design (FA16)
  • ECE445: Senior Design Lab (SP15, FA15, SP16)
  • ECE311: Digital Signal Processing Lab (SP14)

I hope to continue making mixed signal design tools available through my website… as much as anyone can hope to.

For the fun stuff I did in grad school, here’s my thesis and here’s a pre-print of the IEEE paper I got to publish. Same topic, one just has more explanations.